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1939 fixture card


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Minutes AGM - 6th November 1934

Note the title, A.W.A.& S.C., Abbey Works Athletic and Sports Club. The meeting was held in the Machine Shop.

Notable characters are Joe Henderson, who was Secretary from 1928 to 1955 when he handed over to fellow Drawing Office worker Wally Thorneycroft. Joe was elected a Life Member upon his retirement from the company in 1961. Charlie Jackson, who was a prominent member and captain in 1943 and 1946. Charlie Russell, elected captain for 1935 at that meeting. He had also been captain the previous season. Charlie, who was a founder member in 1918, was still playing into his eighties and was elected a Life Member in the club's Golden Jubilee year, 1968.

Telegram from Jack Cove, Installation Manager, Westminster

An extract from the Works journal, the "Contactor"

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