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Albert Allen Trophy 2017

Under's v Over's: Captain's Cauly Swift and Albert Allen pose for the press.

2016 TEAMS               UNDER'S WON 55-39

Under's (ages 7-52):

1. Shannon Swift, Jack Lee, Billie Swift (triples).

2. Paul Brady, Ben Carter, Cauly Swift (captain), Chris Bland.

3. Paul Gudgeon, Jackie Heppell, Maisie Lee, Richard Lemon.

Over's (ages 60-92):

1. John Heppell, Martin Johnson, Linda Warren (triples).

2. John Moules, Albert Allen (captain), Bob Brogden, John Carter.

3. Ray Butt, Tony Lemon, Steve Lemon (triples).

Under's star player Ben Carter, 7, goes in pursuit of Over's Captain Albert, 92...

Who does this remind you of?


Year Winners

2014          UNDERS

2015          OVERS

2016          UNDERS

Study of concentration

 "Where did that bowl go?"

"Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure..."

"That's a feather in your cap - well done!"

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