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Freddie Forbes Trophy

Presented in 1986 by Alistar Armstrong, President of the Northamptonshire Bowling Association. The gesture was made in recognition of Freddie Forbes' fifty years of membership of the club (1936-1986), at a special game at Express in Fred's honour. The trophy is played for as the Singles Championship, superseding the Westminster Challenge Cup, presented by E.C. Williams.

E.C.Williams Esq.

A great supporter of all the Express Lift sporting sections, Mr. E.C.Williams, who presented the "Westminster Challenge Cup".

1960 Championship Winner

Ken Berrill being presented with the "E.C.Williams Westminster Challenge Cup" from V.H.C.Amberg, Managing Director, Express Lift Company Ltd.

Singles Handicap Trophy

Presented in 1971 by J.O. Trundle.

1998 Singles Handicap Winner

Chris Bland with the Singles Handicap trophy.

2002 Singles Handicap Winner

Wayne Stanley, pictured with NBA President Peter Wright and the Singles Handicap trophy.

Dove Trophy

Presented in 1978 by Michael Dove, Managing Director of the Express Lift Co Ltd. The trophy, a rose bowl, is used for the Two-Wood Singles competition.

Albert Noble Novices Cup

Albert Noble was one of eight founders of the club in 1918. He played a prominent role throughout his sixty-seven years of membership until his death in 1986 at the age of 95. After Albert died, Brian Dickens presented the cup to be played for the Novices Singles competition, open to all members who have not won a club singles competition.

Osborn Pairs Cup

Presented in 1971 by Mr R.A. Osborn, a Director of Express Lift Co Ltd. Pairs are drawn.

Jay Triples Cup

Presented in 1975 by Jack Jay, Director of Express Lift Co Ltd.

Phelp Shield

The oldest competition in the club, this handsome shield was presented in 1937 to the club by Mr J.A. Phelp, Chairman of the General Electric Company and Director of Express Lift Co Ltd. The Phelp Shield was an inter-departmental works league played throughout the season. Teams were from all over the works, such as Machine Shop, Steel Car, Toolroom, Despatch, Stores, Maintenance, Gear Shop, Accounts, Woodwork, MASS (Managers and Senior Staff) etc. During the war the works were required to make aircraft and ammunitions for the war effort and it is interesting to note some of the Phelp Shield teams at that time. Proof Shot, Aircraft and Shell Bay.

Since the closure of the works, the Phelp Shield has been contested as a one day club fours competition.

1941 Phelp Shield Winners - Accounts team

Express Lifts Managing Director V.H.C. Amberg (right) presents the Shield to the Accounts team captain, Bill Thatcher. Other team members (from left) Charlie Jackson, Cyril Hutt and Alf Brown.

1964 Phelp Shield Winners - Toolroom

(from left) Ray Miller, Bob Powell, Bob Thompson, W.E. Revell (Works Manager), Ron "Butch" Mansfield and Tom Wood. Bill Revell was himself a winner of the Shield, as part of the M.A.S.S. team in 1965 and was also a member of the Layout No.1 team in the 1936 Inter-departmental tournament, the year before the Phelp Shield was presented.

2003 Phelp Shield Winners

Keith Jenkinson, Chris Bland, Will Parker, Geoff Hunt (NBA President), Richard Lemon.

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