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Offical opening of the Northampton Express Bowling club green at Duston sports centre.

Our President Mr. Peter Hoad making a speech in which he thanked all members who helped , especially Rob & Richard White for work on the A* green and boarders. 

Mr.Cyril Haynes bowling the first bowl . Cyril is the longest serving member of our club. Joining in 1952, 62 years ago

All the members took part in a spider before the annual triples game between the A and B sides.

The winner of the spider was Paul Gudgeon. Paul is one of our new junior members. A very warm welcome to Paul and all of our new members.

Wayne Stanley on the mat, in the A versus B triples game 

                             "A"TEAM VERSUS "B"TEAM

One of our top young bowlers Will Parker. Will plays for the "A" side.

A valued member of the Express "B" team Tony Ellis

Come on Martin ,another member of the "B" team Martin Coleman

President Peter Hoad, plays for the "A" team.

Club captain Tony Lemon with brother Steve for the "B" team. Also "A" team member Gary Lyon.

On the mat is club captain Tony Lemon

"B" Side captain John Carter with team member D.C.Jones. versus "A" Team captain Richard Lemon

"B" Team member Paul Kennedy playing against "A" team member and club treasurer Chris Bland.

Bill Ellis on the mat for the "B" team versus Ian Bland for the "A" team.

On the mat for the "A" side Jack Parker , looking on is "B" side member Albert Oliver. On the next door rink is Paul Brady"A"team.

Albert Oliver well respected member of the "B" side.

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