Northampton Express Bowls Club

Founded 1918
Associate Member of Bowls England
Affiliated to Bowls Northamptonshire



1.                    NAME

The club shall be called the 'NORTHAMPTON EXPRESS BOWLS CLUB'


2.                    OBJECTIVES

The object of the club is to promote 'SPORTSMANSHIP and COMRADESHIP'.


The club will be affiliated to the Bowls England (BE) and the Bowls Northamptonshire (BN) and all competitions and matches will be played under BE rules.


3.                    MANAGEMENT

The club shall be managed by a committee, consisting of President, Captain, Vice Captain, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Match Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and five other members.


(a)                 The above to be elected at the AGM and to retire annually (except President) but may be nominated individually for re-election. The President shall be elected for two years and will retire at the end of this period but may be nominated for re-election. the retiring Vice Captain will become Captain, subject to approval at the AGM.

(b)                The AGM shall be held in January of each year.

(c)                 The committee shall meet each month.

(d)                The committee shall have the power to elect a sub-committee as required and co-opt other members to these sub-committees.

(e)                 The committee shall have the power to co-opt and elect a member of the club when the necessity arises.

(f)                  The committee shall have the power to remove any officer or committee member, if it is considered that they are not fulfilling their duties.

(g)                A committee quorum must be a minimum of five.

(h)                Any member who is unable to attend the AGM must inform the Secretary if he is willing to stand for committee if nominated.

(i)                  The committee shall have the power to suspend any member.

(j)         The club will follow Bowls England rules and regulation number nine

(k)         The clubs equality policy will be as Bowls England.

(m)           The clubs junior and vulnerable adult policy will be as Bowls England     


4.                    MEMBERSHIP

(a)                 Each application for membership must be on a standard form (available from the Secretary) and be accompanied by the appropriate subscriptions.

(b)                 All applications for membership must be proposed and seconded by fully paid up members of the club, then submitted by the Secretary to the committee who will consider each application.

(c)                 There shall be four categories of membership, namely, Life, Full and Junior (under 18) members. All members shall have equal voting rights at meetings.

(d)                 Qualification for Life Membership: -

25 years unbroken membership of the club and must have held one of the following offices: President, Captain, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Match Secretary or Honorary Treasurer.

(e)                 Subscriptions will be as laid down and fixed at the AGM.

(f)                   Subscriptions to be paid by not later than May 1st.



(a)                 A member may propose an alteration to the rules at the AGM. A two-thirds majority shall be required for a rule to become operative.

(b)                 Proposals are to be made in writing and must be in the hands of the Secretary 28 days prior to the AGM.


6.             CLUB COMPETITIONS

(a)        Each season the club will run competitions. These competitions to be determined by the committee.

(b)         Both sides are responsible for arranging games.

(c)         Play by dates, as laid down by the committee will be strictly adhered to.

(d)        Any disputes will be resolved by the committee.

(e)        The committee will decide on the handicapping for Singles Handicap competitions.

(f)         The final of the Singles Championship will be marked by a member of the committee.

(g)           Entry fees for competitions will be as laid down by the committee.

(h)           Prizes to be presented at the Annual Dinner and Dance. Cups presented to be held by the recipients for one year.

7.               MATCHES

(a)   The Captain shall be responsible for selecting teams for all matches, however the committee shall have the power to appoint another member to take responsibility of a particular competition or event.

(b)   On all matches (especially away) everyone is responsible to the Captain or Captain of the day and abides by his decisions.

           (c)    Dress for Saturday matches will be club shirt, white trousers and regulation bowling shoes.

For all other matches, dress will be as above, except grey trousers.

                (d)      Match fees will be as laid down by the committee.

               (e)      Petrol money will be paid to drivers on away matches, at the discretion of the committee.


8.               GENERAL RULES

(a)      Members wishing to be nominated for selection for County matches must submit their names to the Secretary each month for the committee to approve all nominations.

(b)        The financial year shall be from 1st January to 31st December.

(c)       28 days notice shall be given by the Secretary to all members of the date of the AGM.

(d)                 A general meeting may be called at any time by the Secretary or by a petition in writing, signed by 10 members of the club, clearly specifying the purpose for which the meeting is to be called. This is to be submitted to the Secretary, who shall notify the members giving at least seven days notice. Such meetings to be within 28 days of the receipt of the petition.

(e)                 At all general meetings of the club, 30% of the total membership shall form a quorum.


                                                                      12th. February 2015