photoalbum photoalbum Fred Forbes Elected a Life Member 1980.<BR>President 1978-80.<BR>Captain 1953, 56, 64, 65, 68.<BR>Northants Selector 1983.<BR>Played Middleton Cup for Northants 1951, 52, 55, 56, 61.<BR>County Triples Finalist 1954, 72.<BR>County Triples Semi-finalist 1950, 75, 86.<BR>County Fours Semi-finalist 1957.<BR>Whites Triples Winner 1962, 64, 65.<BR>Singles Championship Winner 1968, 70, 75, 80, 82, 85.<BR>Handicap Winner 1952, 73, 75, 82.<BR>Two Wood Winner 1980.<BR>Pairs Winner 1946, 62, 68, 69.<BR>Triples Winner 1952, 54, 55, 56, 68, 70, 77, 80, 82, 87.<BR>Phelp Shield Winner 1949, 52, 53, 56, 62, 72, 89. 41269972 205137828 205137829 1978 Committee Back row (from left) Cyril Buswell (Hon Secretary and Match Secretary), George Strike (Committee), Albert Withey (Committee), Ron Noble (Treasurer), Trevor Denton (Committee), Fred Newman (Vice Captain).<BR>Front row: Fred Forbes (President), Albert Noble (Life and Founder Member 1918), Ken Berrill (Captain). 41270004 205137830 205137916 Mortlake 1972 National Triples Wally Thorneycroft, Fred Forbes and Cyril Haynes, pictured at Mortlake. 41269979 Ken BerrIll, Hon. Life Member, Past President, Hon.Treasurer Pictured in 1995. Ken has been a most loyal member almost fifty years. 41269967 Paddington 1954 National Triples Fred Forbes (skip), Alf Brown (2) and Arthur Walton (lead), were the first Express Lifts team to play in the EBA National Championships. The National finals were then played at Paddington where they beat Yorkshire B, 16-13, before losing to Yorkshire A ,14-15. 41269978 Cyril Haynes Pictured at Naismith BC, Southseas, Hampshire, 2001<BR>Hon. Life Member<BR>Treasurer 1985-91<BR>County Triples Finalist 1972<BR>County Triples Semi-finalist 1975<BR>Singles Championship Winner 1967, 1972<BR>Singles Handicap Winner 1967<BR>Two Wood Winner 1982<BR>Pairs Winner 1959, 60, 70, 71<BR>Triples Winner 1958, 59, 64, 74, 84, 96, 2000<BR>Phelp Shield Winner 1971, 73, 74, 77, 79, 83, 86, 2000, 01<BR>Received a Special Award for fifty years membership in 2002<BR> 41269970 Cyril Buswell Hon Life Member.<BR>Hon. Secretary 1973-84, 1987-98.<BR>Hon. Match Secretary 1969-98.<BR>Tour Secretary 1969-98. 41269974 Joe Henderson Hon. Secretary 1928-55.<BR>Elected Life Member 1961.<BR>Represented Northants four times in Midland Counties Championship.<BR>County Fours Quarter-finalist 1947.<BR>Handicap Singles Winner 1958.<BR>Pairs Winner 1957.<BR>Triples Winner 1953.<BR>Rinks Winner 1936.<BR>Phelp Shield Winner. <BR> 41269973 Albert Noble, Founder Member 1918 Elected Life Member 1968,<BR>Captain 1954,<BR>Singles Championship runner-up 1924,<BR>Handicap runner-up 1938,<BR>Triples Winner 1961, 62,<BR>Rinks Winner 1924,<BR>Phelp Shield Winner 1948, 66,<BR>Phelp Shield runner-up 1939, 80. 41269975 W.R. Thorneycroft, Hon. Secretary 1956-68 1958 NBA Secretaries Cup Winner. In the final, Wally defeated England International D.E. (Mick) Cooper 41269982 An early tour match Express members enjoying a smoke prior to the game.<BR>Back row: Tony Weston, Trevor Denton, Mick Sharpe.<BR>Main group: Charlie Wingrove, Norman Roberts, Ron Turner, Martin Coleman, Jim Hartgrove, Bert Roberts, Albert Withey, Barry Underwood, Pete Letts (just), Albert Noble, Fred Forbes, Alf "Titch" Pape, Tony Hillard, Bill Wright, Les Kilworth, Fred Newman.<BR>Front row: Unknown, Albert Allen, Dennis Adkins, Cyril Buswell (Hon. Secretary, Hon. Match Secretary, Tour Secretary) 41269985 Express Lifts v AEC at Abbey Works Photograph prior to the match on 13th August 1949.<BR>Not all players known as many were of the visiting team.<BR>(1) J.A.Norris, (2) C.Bardsley, (8) A.Reeves, (9) J.W.Henderson, (12) G.Letts, (14) A.C.Pape, (15) F.Forbes, (16) A.E.Hunt, (18) Club steward, (19) W.C.Clarke, (20) J.Eriksen, Director & Works Manager, (23) S.T.Hunt, (30) G.Forbes, (33, back) E.R.Mason, (34, front) A.Walton, (43) C.Eyden. 41269986 Enjoying a laugh at the 1965 Annual Dinner Members of the top table (from left), Fred Forbes, Captain, Percy Talmage, President, N.B.A., V.H.C. Amberg, Managing Director, Express Lift Co Ltd., Wally Thorneycroft, Hon. Secretary. 41269987 Wally Thorneycroft A textbook delivery demonstrated by Wally, pictured at Abbey Works in 1967. 41269992 Albert Allen, Hon. Life Member, Past President Pictured in 1985. 41269971 Worthing 2009 National triples, Ian, Dom and Rob with their opponents Jamie Dunn and Kieron Moss from Kent. 53831414 Cyril Haynes In play, in the 1967 Singles Championship final against Ken King at Abbey Works. It was common place in those days for blazers to be worn - on the green! 41269993 Worthing 2009 Dom and Ian 53831413 Worthing 2009 from left Rob White, opponents Shaun McCaughan and Keiron Moss. Ian Bland in the head. 53831415 Richard Lemon Concentrating hard during the 2006 County U25 Singles final at Wellingborough. 41269961 Worthing 2009 Collecting their Championship medals 53831416 An early tour scene Albert Withey, Pete Letts, Tony Weston, Ken Berrill, Mick Sharpe, Dennis Adkins. 41270006 Ian Bland, Life Member, Hon. Match Secretary Pictured in 1995<BR><BR>Captain 1992<BR>Hon. Match Secretary 2001 to date<BR><BR>County Triples Semi-finalist 1986, 89, 93.<BR>County Fours Semi-finalist 2004.<BR>Club Championship winner 1984, 93, 94, 96.<BR>Singles Handicap winner 1990, 91, 96.<BR>Two Wood winner 1986, 89, 90.<BR>Pairs winner 1988, 90.<BR>Triples winner 1985, 88, 91, 92, 96, 2000, 02.<BR>Phelp Shield winner 1984, 85, 2001.<BR><BR> 41269966 W.R.Thorneycroft Wally, enjoying himself at the Annual Presentation evening in 2003 41269990 Worthing 2005 Singles Championship Chris Bland collecting his National Championship badge from EBA President John Tolley. Chief Executive Tony Alcock is on the microphone, second from right. 41269984 Richard Lemon On England U25 duty in 2007 41269962 County Singles Winner 2005 Chris Bland 53916728 Pete Hoad Umpire at Worthing on numerous occasions 41269964 Cyril Haynes - 50 Years NBA President Geoff Hunt makes a special presentation to Cyril in recognition of him completing fifty years membership of the club, in 2002. 41269976 Peter Letts, Hon. Secretary Pictured on tour at Weymouth this year modelling the latest designer headwear, an armchair cover! Photo courtesy of red stripe's mobile phone. 41269965 Chronicle & Echo Cup finalists 2003 Standing: Richard Lemon, Chris Bland, Gary Lyon, Ian Bland, Pete Letts, John Carter, Dave Masters.<BR>Seated: Ted Summerton, Jack Parker, Bert Wright (Captain), Ken Berrill, Brian Hillery. 41269981 Wayne Stanley, Competition Secretary Pictured at Pembroke Gardens BC, Southsea, Hampshire, September 2001. 41269969 Manfield Cup winners 2002 Standing: Charlie Hicks, Dave Masters, John Carter, Chris Bland, Gary Lyon, Wayne Stanley, Bill Bishop, Ted Summerton, Bert Wright.<BR>Seated: Pete Letts, Ken Berrill, Jack Parker (Captain), Albert Allen (President), Ian Bland, Albert Farrell. 41269980 Gary Lyon Capped seven times in the Middleton Cup for Northants. 41269977 Chris Bland Winner of NBA Secretaries Cup in 2000 (beat Lenny Kent, Rushden) and 2001 (beat Graham Rogers, Northants Police) 41269983 Messrs Bland & Thorneycroft Chris Bland, Wally Thorneycroft, Mrs Jean Thorneycroft and Wayne Stanley, pictured at the Annual Presentation in 2002. 41269989 Gary Lyon at Clevedon Gary, pictured at Clevedon BC, Somerset, home of the legendary David Bryant CBE, in 2002. 41269988 Messrs Burdett & Linnell Norman Burdett and Ashley Linnell, pictured at the Annual Presentation in 2002. 41269991 Chris Bland Bowling for Northants against Worcester in the Midland Counties Championship at Abington on 30th July 2005. 41269994 Richard Lemon - U25s Teapot playing for Northants against Notts U25s at Abington on 30th July 2006. 41269995 2006 Dorset Tour Two tour stalwarts, Ken Berrill and Norman Roberts prop up the Crown Hotel bar. 41269997 2006 Dorset Tour (from left) Chris Bland, Wayne Stanley, Dominic Graham, Rob White, Ashley Linnell, Paul Doolan. 41269996 2006 Dorset Tour Winners of the top rink prize with their 32-8 final day win at Sherbourne. Albert Allen, Daphne Nightingale, Paul Doolan and Wayne Stanley. 41269998 2006 Dorset Tour George Tallett and Norman Roberts at Wellworthy BC, Wyke Regis. 41269999 2006 Dorset Tour Dooly downs a lager - from the wrong side of the glass! 41270001 2006 Dorset Tour Paul Doolan, Chris Bland and Rob White at Lyme Regis BC. 41270000 Dominic Graham In play during the 2006 County U25 Singles final at Wellingborough. 41270003 Worthing 2005 Chris Bland being awarded his National Championship medal. 41270005 Dominic Graham Being presented his prize as finalist in the County U25 Singles 2007. Also pictured, Paul Osborn (Chantrey Vellacott DFK, sponsors) and County President, Richard Somerton. 41270007 41270008 41270017 41270019 41270021 41270022